Hall of Fame

This page lists all coders who have merited a mention by name on a contest results page. If you are one of these people:


2015Linus Åkesson
2014Karen Pease
2013Alex Olson
2009Sam Blackburn
2008John Meacham
2007Emmanuel Colbus
2006Bobby Brogan
2005M Joonas Pihlaja
2005Paul V-Khuong
2005Natori Shin

All the people

This is a list of everyone whose contest submission earned a mention on this site.

Linus Akesson Third Place 2008
Ernesto Alvarez Runner Up 2007
Domenico Andreoli Runner Up 2014
Bartlomiej Balcerek Runner Up 2014
Avinash Baliga Second Place 2008
Alex Bassas Contributor 2013
Philipe Biondi Runner Up 2007
Sam Blackburn Winner 2009
Tomas Bouda Contributor 2013
Steven Braeger Contributor 2014
Frederic Brault Contributor 2013
Bobby Brogan Winner 2006
Tom Burns Runner Up 2005
Emmanuel Colbus Winner 2007
Yair E Runner Up 2014
William Edwards Contributor 2013
Kieran Elby Contributor 2013
Christoph Franck Contributor 2013
Seb Grindle Runner Up 2014
Daniel Hartmeier Runner Up 2013
Uwe Hermann Runner Up 2005
Søren Holm Runner Up 2014
Dan Jackson Runner Up 2013
Eero Kurimo Contributor 2014
Gunnar M. Larson Runner Up 2009
Gaëtan Leurent Runner Up 2013
Lukhnos Liu Contributor 2014
Alex Mahrer Runner Up 2014
Mason Malone Runner Up 2009
John Meacham Winner 2008
Richard Mitton Runner Up 2014
Simon Nicolussi Runner Up 2013
Jens Nyman Contributor 2013
Alex Olson Winner 2013
Arthur O’Dwyer Contributor 2013
Sébastien Paumier Contributor 2014
Karen Pease Winner 2014
M Joonas Pihlaja Winner 2005
Corentin Plouet Contributor 2013
Andrew Porritt Runner Up 2014
RHays Runner Up 2009
Daniel Reutter Runner Up 2005
Tristan Rice Contributor 2014
Micah Richert Runner Up 2007
Joachim Schipper Contributor 2014
Ryan Schmidt Contributor 2014
Natori Shin Winner 2005
Matt Skala Runner Up 2005
Tomas Skare Runner Up 2009
Tyler Smith Contributor 2014
James Stanley Runner Up 2013
Jon Szymaniak Runner Up 2013
Paul V-Khuong Winner 2005
David Wagner Runner Up 2007
Jan Wrobel Runner Up 2009
Lillith Wyatt Runner Up 2014
“KrZaq” Contributor 2014